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Digital Asset Exchange Platform
of Azerbaijan.
Access to thousands of tradable digital assets & derivatives
Earn up to 5% (APY) on your crypto assets
Low fees and commissions
Free & intensive internal transfers
Easy and friendly user experience
Insured digital wallets
for up to $100 Million
One Platform With a
World of Opportunities
Do you want to manage your assets more efficiently or earn more? Then we are with you. Troni offers technology for individual and corporate users that can manage investments and award programs via the single screen.

Various & Profitable Investment Tools

Start to initial trading activities easily with Troni Exchange Services!
Our Exchange tools gives you the freedom to buy and sell stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies and trade hundreds of market parities in one platform.
Best price and price locking
Access to crypto assets
Trade with digital assets and derivatives
Increase your principal assets with Earn Offers!
A great opportunity to participate in one of the most exciting tools.
Join the effective investment tools by subscribing profitable offers
Get freedom on movement of your capital
Get the periodic benefits with your main assets
Follow the investment strategies of professionals!
Invest in 'Fund' baskets based on the basket's opportunity and risk approach. Benefit from investment strategies developed by professionals.
Funds baskets classified by risk and performance analysis
Strategies developed by market experts
Opportunity to form a diversified portfolio
Keep your assets in safe and insured digital wallets.
You can easily store all your digital assets in Troni's digital wallet.Thanks to 'Wallet's blockchain infrastructure, you can easily transfer your crypto assets which stored elsewhere to Troni platform.
Ability to manage all assets from one portfolio
Opportunity to deposit or withdraw money to banks or cards 7/24
Free transfers to other Troni users
Main Features of Troni Platform
Technical Perfection
Troni is built on the world's leading cloud-based infrastructure and partnered with more than 12 international financial institutions. In addition, all commercial operations on the Troni platform are carried out in real time. Troni platform technology is capable of performing 20,000+ operations per second.
Secure and Transparent
All Troni clients undergo security checks in accordance with the rules of local and international financial regulators in accordance with our AML / KYC policy. In addition, our customers' data and digital assets are stored in data centers with the highest level of protection and in full security.
High Quality Customer Service
Troni provides uninterrupted support to all customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the online customer support system. Online customer support is provided in 3 different languages and ensures that all support requests are resolved within 24 hours.
Join Troni!
Troni allows you to easily manage your investments in a free financial environment!
Access to a large number of digital financial instruments
Opportunity to centrally manage all assets from a single digital portfolio
Easily participate in high-yield earn contracts in the market
The best commission fee in our country and even in the region, as well as the best prices
Ease of placement of all types of assets in safe and insured digital wallets

Frequently Asked Questions

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